Maintenance Services






Maintenance Services

For many prospective customers, your website is the main door into your business. You cannot afford to have it crash. Our maintenance services keep your website optimized and running smoothly and consistently. We offer ongoing support plans to partner with you and improve your presence in your market into the future. As your company grows, we’d like to assist you all the way.

Why are maintenance services important?

Search engines and users do not reward slow performance. Like your computers, tablets, and phones, your website needs to have software updated regularly. To keep your website secure and ensure it keeps running smoothly, monitoring is necessary. If you need to make changes or minor updates to your site, it’s very nice to have this service available to you with a phone call or email.

What are the benefits to you, the business owner?

Really, the benefits can be summarized as, “you don’t have to worry about it, it’s all handled!” – and that’s what every business owner wants, one less thing to worry about.

What is included?

WordPress, theme, and plug-in updates – keeps everything running fast, smoothly, and without hiccups.

Uptime monitoring – ensures your site isn’t ever down long enough for anyone to notice.

Ongoing security monitoring – ensures your site isn’t hacked or disrupted by the bad guys

Email and Phone Support – you can call or email us for support questions or minor updates/changes at additional cost

Backups – if there ever is an issue, backups are ready to restore your site in no time

Technical Consulting – we are happy to explore options and/or improvements to your web presence with you

What are plugins? Plug-ins are software that are designed to provide additional functionality to your WordPress website

What is a theme? A theme is a foundation of design upon which WordPress sites are built. Themes also provide a varied amount of functionality to your website.


We can help you set up a professional email address, using your company’s domain name. Your email address can be, instead of

We can also help set up email delivery to all of your devices.

We would be delighted to continue our relationship beyond the launch of your website. BrightComet would like to develop a long-term partnership. We want to help you maximize the return on your investment. Our maintenance service plan will help you get the most out of what you put into your web presence, stress-free.

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