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Have you been frustrated navigating a website? That’s a result of poor “user experience” or “UX” design. User experience includes everything from the big idea conveyed to the seemingly minute details in the display when your visitors fill out a contact form. Great UX is challenging.

When it comes to your web presence, you want beauty and brains. Of course, you want a stunning looking web presence, but it won’t be much use without effective functionality. You only get one chance to make a great first impression. Your web presence is the “always on” face of your business. It must showcase your business well. Many potential customers decide with whom they will do business based on a web presence.

Very simply, aesthetics is the reason some websites perform better than others. Design is what makes some users return and click again. Great, responsive, web design provides users with an attractive intuitive experience on all devices. Intuitive design invites visitors to explore, rather than click away from, your website. Interesting and interactive design increases visitor responses.  

Even minor website improvements can have far-reaching effects on impact with your audience. Fonts, sizing, and spacing improve the user’s experience and how long they stay on your site. Sometimes, a little extra effort is what makes all the difference to the user experience.

BrightComet builds intuitive and optimized websites that generate leads and inform your audience. 

We are here to make your web presence highly usable and enjoyable, resulting in advancing your brand and increasing conversions!

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