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Who is BrightComet?


Why work with BrightComet?


Why WordPress?


User Centric

When it comes to your web presence, you want beauty and brains. Of course, you want a stunning looking website …



You want your website easily discovered by search engines, like Google. SEO makes it happen.



WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system on the web, used on over 1/3 of all websites. 



BrightComet sees the big picture, designing a web presence aligning with your overall marketing … 


Responsive Design

You want your website to adjust for every screen size and platform for effective user experience.


Website Maintenance

For many, your website is the main door into your business. You cannot afford to have it crash or malfunction.

How BrightComet works

BrightComet’s transparent process ensures your project remains on time and within budget. Weekly updates and a methodical approach to development contribute to getting it all done to your complete satisfaction.

BrightComet provides project management leadership, strategic guidance, effective communication, and regular feedback.

we’re here to help you implement great ideas in marketing your business online

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